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Welcome to Infinity Pro Fitness

Infinity pro fitness is Bristol based supplements shop located on Two Mile Hill road in Kingswood. We are here to provide you with expert advice and top brand products in order to help you reach your goals.

Our Fitness Products

We have a large range of fitness products including:

  • Protein
  • Mass gainers
  • Weight loss
  • Fitness & fight wear
  • Energy
  • Pre workout

Helping you to Achieve Your Fitness Goals

Nutrition Advice

Although we carry a broad range of fitness supplements, we aren't here to sell you whatever we happen to have in stock. There are already plenty of companies that will do that and our aim is to provide a more personal and focused approach.

We offer a nutrition advice service and whether you are just starting out or are a seasoned trainer, we can talk you through each stage of your development, ensuring you are eating the correct nutrients and taking the right supplements so that you reach your goals at a quick, but safe pace.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions on nutrition or the products thet we supply.

Supplements Sales

When it comes to fitness it's not all about the training and physical development, but making sure you are supplying the body with what it needs to grow, enhance, gain and repair.

At the heart of our business is the selling of high quality supplements and the advice from our professionals on what's best for each individual.

We take a personal approach to everything that we do and if you ever want to discuss a product, we are happy to give you our personal opinion on it, talk about the pros and cons, list potential alternatives and supply anything that you might need.

Fitness & Fight Wear Sales

Clothing worn during training can make all the difference.

In some areas of sport the right clothing is needed to support different areas of the body and keep you safe. With other sports it's just simply about feeling comfortable, meaning you will put your all in to it every time and allowing you to achieve great results.

Bespoke Fitness Clothing Design

Here at infinity pro fitness we have a good variety of different fitness and fight wear clothing available as standard, but can also provide you with professional, bespoke designs to customise almost any item just for you.

Infinity Pro Fitness Logo
0117 239 0352