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About Infinity Pro Fitness

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How it all Began

Many years ago I set myself a goal, a look I wanted to achieve a certain lifestyle I wanted to live. I thrived to be the best that I could personally be and that started by focusing on me. I’ve worked my way through different personal trainers, diet plans, supplements and fitness regimes gaining my own knowledge of the fitness world. Becoming more and more intrigued on how it all worked, I took on a shop and began retailing supplements and fitness wear… but it was a gym I was longing for.

Infinity Pro Fitness came about in August 2016 and from then on out it was always planned that this would grow and run as a gym, when the time was right and a good premises became available of course. Here we are in the final stages of 2018 opening up as a fully equipped fitness studio with on site class amenities.

We aim for the studio to have a family feel to it, somewhere each individual feels welcome and not out of place. There is no competition, no one will be better than anyone else as we will all be working towards the same goal – which is to be the best version of ourselves that we can be.

How We Can Help

We don't advertise an endless stream of products on our site, because we want to focus on individual needs and provide a much more personal approach. Our range of services includes:

  • Fitness Products

    We carry a wide range of products, but if a specific item you are after isn't in stock, then just let us know your requirements and we can cater for your every need

  • Health & Fitness Advice

    Expert staff are on hand to offer advice and help choose the right products for you. No matter how near or far you are from your goal, we will be able to help you take the right steps to get you there

  • Diet Plans

    For a small fee we can offer professional diet plans to suit your goals

Infinity Pro Fitness Logo
0117 239 0352